when i was still just a young teenager, 13, i used to come this tumblr page, and i read every single post on here. all because i was looking for inspiration. and you all helped me so much, it was like being part of a community of people who were all seeking love, acceptation, and support. this year i told my family, so to me i am officially out to everyone, i dont care about telling anyone that i am gay, my name is Kieran Reece Boardman amd i am gay, i am 17, and i have come back here again to say thank you so very very much for your support.

Hi! I’m working on a documentary about coming out of the closet in the digital age, and we’re currently looking for video submissions of folks’ coming out stories to be included in the doc. Your page is wonderful, and I was wondering if you could join us and help spread the word.

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I’m Lena. I make YouTube videos and talked about my coming out story recently. Visit my YouTube channel to see my girlfriend’s coming out story, too!

So I’ve figured out in the past year or so that I like girls, and I’m not sure if I like guys or not. But I’ve been coming out as bisexual to my friends, explaining just that to them, and people are very accepting of me! This one girl, though, I thought was my friend. So I told her, and then she told everyone that I was bi, even people that don’t know me. I mean, I didn’t mind because I’m proud of who I am but I just thought that was an odd thing to do. Well, apparently, one of my friends told me that she these girls were talking about how much of a “weird, disgusting lesbian” I am. And my friend stuck up for me, and then texted me about it on the bus while we were hanging out with people on the bus. I started laughing at how ridiculous the story was, and she asked me, “well are you?” and I said, out loud, “yeah, I’m actually bi.” and this one guy said, “THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME” and this other guy was like “yeah, that’s cool good for you” and we were all laughing hysterically and everyone was being so accepting! It made me really happy, so I decided to come out to my mom when I got home, telling her the story. At first, she said, “you’re to young to know. and you better not be doing this to get attention.” I explained to her that i was sure that I like girls, but I wasn’t sure if I was bi or lesbian or pan, and explained that the reason so many people are coming out earlier is because they’re less ashamed of being who they are. She thought I was trying to be “trendy” but then I explained to her the reality. Then she said, “well, at least you won’t ever get knocked up at some party!” I was a little offended by that, that she thought I would ever do that, but I still laughed and said, “well, yeah, thank god I don’t think I’ll ever get pregnant! I wouldn’t want to go through THAT!” I’m still not sure if I am bi, or lesbian, or pan, but I know that I’ve been crushing on girls for the past couple of years, and that I have such a big crush on this girl that I can’t deny it to myself or anyone else anymore. I am only 15, so maybe I need to just wait and find out if I like dudes before I label myself. So I am sort of just safe under the title of “bisexual” even though I have a feeling I am lesbian. But I just want to thank people like you, on this blog, who support LGBT people. You guys rock, I love these posts too! <3

Hello lovely people of the internet, we are AllRainbowSquad, an awesome new LGBT collab channel. There are videos Monday to Friday. We aim to entertain and hopefully give some good advice.

Tumblr | YouTube

Hello lovely people of the internet, we are AllRainbowSquad, an awesome new LGBT collab channel. There are videos Monday to Friday. We aim to entertain and hopefully give some good advice.

Tumblr | YouTube

Leaving Narnia

I was an average girl growing up. I had boyfriends and drooled over hot guys with my friends. But my whole life I’ve always felt like something wasn’t quite right. I just pushed it to the back of my mind and carried on. However, when I was 12, the unimaginable happened: I developed a crush. On a girl.

My family is really old-fashioned and homophobic, so I kept my newly discovered bisexuality a secret. Let’s face it: I was so far in the closet that I could see Narnia. I was terrified that my friends and family would practically disown me for the way I felt. It wasn’t until I had just turned 14 that I finally told my mom. She is the most accepting person in my family, so naturally I thought that it would be the right move. To say the least, she didn’t react the way I expected. No yelling, cursing, or fire-breathing. She just smiled and shook her head. I was relieved at first, until she muttered the dreadful words: “Don’t be ridiculous, Breanne. It’s just a phase”. Although I was certain of my sexuality, I was really hoping she was right. I was going to be starting high school, and I was terrified of being rejected or worse…bullied. 

Fortunately, she wasn’t. I’m now 15, almost a sophomore in high school, and a proud bisexual. I no longer think there’s anything to be afraid of, and I’m happy just being me. I talked to my mom a month ago or so and she’s finally starting to accept the fact that it’s not “just a phase”. I won’t grow out of it. I’m now thrilled to say that I’m slowly but surely starting to come out to my friends as well.

So, if you’re going through a tough time coming out and need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. I don’t judge and I would love to offer as much advice/help as I can. 

Stay strong<3

Still In The Progress

I am 16-year-old male and I’ve been concidering myself as gay, like, my whole life. I was never actually sure about it until 2 years ago I got a girlfriend through an Internet. She lives 6 hours away from me. We liked same things and were alike and I liked her and she likeS me so we started dating.

During the affair I started questioning my own sexuality. Being with her (we met like once a month) didn’t help finding myself ‘cause I felt myself straight every time I was with her. I remember alway at night when we were apart I texted her sad messages about how I had a secret I didn’t want to tell and how I cried about it. I was so sad at that time and very depressed and I even concidered suicide. I was so close with her and I didn’t want to break it all.

While we had dated a year, we were chatting in the Internet, I told her how I can’t be her object of love anymore. She asked why, but I just said that I’m not ready to tell yet because it hurted so bad already. Then she said that she was feeling worse than me which was probably true. Then she went offline and we didn’t talk in two weeks. I know, I was bastard when I left her that way.

While I didn’t talk to my ex, I came out to my big brothers girlfriend who I am friends with and she was very supportive and said that I needed to tell this to my ex. And so I did. It wasn’t easy but it sure was worth it. She was so happy for me and asked why I didn’t say it in the first place. Now we are best friends and hide nothing from each other. She’s just a little bit attached to me still but it gets over

Now I’m open to all my friends but not to family. I’m scared of their reaction, especially dad’s because he is super duper homophobic. Maybe when I am able to support myself 100% I am able to tell them.

Up until 6 months ago, I only ever dated men.  As far as my family was concern, I was a straight female.  I had had bi-curious tendencies, which I obviously never spoke of to my family. Why would I, if I had no intentions of acting on them?  

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my half coming out story lol i need advice for the other half if u want to message me

ok so im natalie im 17 and a lesbian (for now) i think im bi but high school guys are stupid horny dirty hairy and disgusting anyway ever since i was little like before kindergarden i use to hate anything girly it burned i wanted to be a guy so badly i mean imagine a elementry kid crying to god every night wishing to be a boy back then i liked guys i hated girls didn’t find them interesting thought barbies and playing house or dress up was stupid oh and even to this day i WILL NOT EVERWEAR A DRESS my family (which ranges from 11-17 ppl) disaproved and bullied me on my feelings about wanting to be a guy my mom tried to be nice about it but she is very controling she tries to be excepting but her whole life shes been the leader the one everyone listens to so she wanted me to go down the right path to follow gods rules(im catholic) but i dont believe god ment that we can be gay so yah i quit wishing to be a guy it was the dream of a child lol but seeing how mean and hurtful my family was to me when i was a CHILD how they made me hate myself they made me wish i liked who i was and didn’t want to change it makes me afraid to come out to them i dont want to relive my childhood i dont want to be teased and lectured and yelled at and beat up 24/7 like before(i was never beat up by parents only my brother and he got hell for it from my parents but he will still beat me up punishment doesn’t afect him) i already come out to all my friends and im not afraid of the ppl in our friend circle to find out what im scared of is thatis they put it on facebook or say something around a family member without thinking and out me and then i end up being tortured until i can get away from all my family (which also means leaving my awesome amazing friends) :( i dont want to leave but i cant just let my family hurt me mentally and phsically I DONT KNOW WAT TO DO AND NEED HELP IF U CAN GIVE ME ADVICE MESSAGE MY TUMBLR 

OR EMAIL ME AT and no im not afraid that my family will find this becuz none of them would look for anything gay related online unless im not the only one

I was driving my relatives to Walmart to buy a Magic Bullet

  • Me: *driving* I have to tell you guys something. And it’s something very serious.
  • Cousin L: What’s going on?
  • Cousin W: Okay…
  • Cousin K: *quiet* (She already knew)
  • Me: I’m gay. I like girls. No, it’s not a phase. I’ve known for years but never accepted it til now.
  • Cousin W: WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS. YOU’RE NOT LYING. WHAT. *begins shaking the back of my seat and slapping my arm*
  • Me: Ow, ow, yes I’m serious.
  • Cousin L: …. I don’t know what to say. Why haven’t you told us sooner?
  • Me: Because I was scared. This family is so tradition, racist, and homophobic.
  • Cousin W: I have a best friend who is gay. I’m very accepting.
  • Cousin L: I’m not homophobic.
  • Me: I’m glad…
  • Cousin W: Why aren’t you saying something, Cousin K?
  • Cousin K: I already knew…
  • Cousin L: Why did you decide to tell us now?
  • Me: I am tired of watching how I speak, being in the closet, and hiding who I am. It’s tiring and I’m trapped. I want to be free.
  • Cousin L: If you tell the family, you know what will happen. They will disown you and toss you out as if you were never born. Are you ready for that?
  • Me: I don’t know..
  • Cousin L: I would wait until you can support yourself 100% and are with someone serious.
  • Me: I think that’s what I’ll do.
  • [The end]

Free, Finally Free, Forever Free..

March 9, 2013 I came out.  I recently had an epiphany that I needed to be set free. Whether it was my sexual orientation, anger, drama, etc.  I was so used to putting myself and my feelings on the back burner seeing how society reacts to things.  I figured holding it in would make less of a fuss.. Man, Was I wrong.  It just left me stressed.


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So far everythings gone great!

I’m a 16 year old male living in South Carolina. I first realized i was gay when i wasabout 12 years old and thought to myself naw i can’t be gay. I’d never believed it to be a possiblity and wouldn’t come to accept it until late october last year. Up until the day i came out for the first time to someone i knew online (november 4) my gay experience has been a hell. When my dad thought i might be gay iwhen i was 12 and told me that if i went to hell for being that way he’d go to hell too i tried not being gay for a whole year. But eventually you just can’t not be who u r or you’ll go mad. for the past 2 and a half years i have struggled with the fact that I’m gay, not wanting to accept that that was who i was. I would tell myself that i could fake my whole life and marry some woman and pretend to love her and be “normal.” But i soon started to realize that whole idea was impossible. If i had to pretend for the rest of my life that i was straight, i was sure that i would kill myself. I started thinking that i could be gay in secret, that i never had ro tell my family or any of my friends. It would be too embarassing and everyone would judge me. Something clicked with me in october and i started to accept the title of homosexual. Never once, even when i realized i liked men, did i ever thinnk of myself as gay. I never WANTED to believe i was. But something told me to accept that i was in october so finally did. On november 4 something else inside me told me that i NEEDED to go home and tell someone. I came home from school and decided that i’d tell some people i knew on my xbox that i didn’t know in real life. That way they couldn’t run off and tell everyone at school about me right? I spent all afternoon trying to summon the courage to tell my friends that i was gay. when one of them said they were about to get offline u told them to wait and one by one invtold all of them seperately. The first person i told, vicky, conpletely understood me. it took me so long to tell her and i was so frightened and anxious. Only if you’ve come out yourself or come close do u understand what i felt. Vicky didn’t act surprised or sad like i thought she would, she just told me that it was fine and why would it matter. i continued to tell three other people who r all very supportive . i told my sister a few months later and she didn’t care at all. everything had been going fine and i was planning on telling my mom when she got a hold of my journal where i write EVERYTHING. She knew all about me being gay and quickly called my dad, blaming me being gay on him leaving us. This made me resent my mom for treading my personal journal and telling the one person id never wanted to tell that i was gay that i was gay. mom told me i was just going through a phase and we haven’t spoken about it since :(. My dad gets us one weekend in a month and last week was the week we had to go see him. I don’t really get along with my dad and i won’t get into a lot of detail cause that would take to long but lets just say he’s dine a lot to make me hate him. He told me that this week i didn’t have to come but i still had to talk to him in private when my mom came to drop of my sister. i sat in the car with him while my mom and sister waited and he eventually got around to me being gay. To my very very very very large suprise, he told me that i was a very responsible young man and that he didn’t care. This made me cry (in a happy way) and it brought us closer together. I know that there r a lot of bad coming out stories out there but i hope through mine u realize that in some good things come out of them. i plan on telling my best friend that I’m gay later this week. i wish the best of luck to any of u who r planning on coming out. U can reach me at or if u so happen to enjoy video games :) left4deadspace is my xbox live gamertag. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Coming out and a few words of advice.

Hey there! I’m Ryan and I’m 14. I just recently came to the conclusion and accepted that I am gay. I realized that I have been gay my whole life because I remember never REALLY feeling attracted to girls, and I saw some home videos from when I was younger and just by the way I talked and acted it was obvious I was special! Anyway, to the coming out story. I guess it’s not actually a coming out story because I didn’t actually come out, it’s more of a found out story. So my mom came to pick me up from school a few weeks ago when I stayed after to practice for a concert. (I play the trombone) I got in the car, and as we left the school, she said to me “Weeeee need to talk about something serious.” It was that kind of tone that starts high and just gets lower. You know that really suspicious kind of tone. At this point I was scared. Does she know? Did she find my “magazines?” (Jk about the mags) and then she said “I was trying to set up my email on my phone and yours was up and I saw things from and e-harmony and LGBT.” At this point, I was devastated and my heart sank. I had never felt so low before. I cried the whole way home and didn’t talk about it. I was really sad but also really mad at myself. What had happened was a few months before, I got on my email on her phone and forgot to log off. Then just before “the incident” I had emailed an LGBT help center for guidance on coming out. I had also been so stupid as to go to and whatever…… I was just curious. So it’s all okay now, but I was going to wait till I was 17 to tell her. But know she knows and nobody else, and I plan on coming out when I’m 16 or 17. So, a few words of advice would be, wait until you’re ready, I mean absolutely ready, and start with close friends or cousins or aunts and uncles, and finish with your immediate family. My family, including myself, are all very conservative, but perfectly fine with gay people, accept for my dad. He’s not so okay with gay people I don’t think. He is set on the idea that marriage is a man and woman and people were put on this earth for the purpose of reproduction. But when you come out, people may not be so supportive at first, but they will come around. But usually for the most part, people are okay with it. This is 2013 for crying out loud! And here’s a few more things: you can be a father, and a great one with a partner. To avoid your kids being bullied at school, live in an accepting place like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, places like that. Also, you are who you are and you need to learn to love yourself. Don’t worry about anything other people think. Here’s a few quotes:

I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to. - Jimi Hendrix

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.
Peter 4:8 (you can use this one if someone says its a sin to be gay)

And that brings me to this. Being gay is not a sin. I don’t care if you know the bible cover to cover. It’s not a sin. Why would god create something he condemns? He doesn’t condemn gays. And also, I hate the term gays or gay because I feel like I’m being put in a package with a big white label. I prefer the term human. I am human, you are human. We all are human and we all need love. I want someone who is kind, smart, funny, honest, adventurous, sarcastic, outgoing, and extroverted. I can fin a woman like that and a man like that. The only difference is the plumbing. I prefer the plug to the outlet. The p to the v. But so what. We are all people.

That’s all. I love you! I don’t know who you are that’s reading this but I love you and someone out there thinks you’re perfect. You may not feel perfect, and others may point out and only see your flaws, but somebody out there thinks you’re perfect. You’ve just got to find that person. If you want some guidance or have questions just email me. I check my email every day.

Adios Amigos! (I’m not Spanish or Mexican. I’m Irish, German, and Czech. And American haha.)

- Ryan -

RE: Well, I didn’t know where else to go for help.

So, this isn’t so much a coming out story as a response to one that I saw, because it’s something that I’ve, somehow, come into contact with a lot

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I’m a gay man. Who is very much in the Closet

I am a gay 20+ year old guy. And I’ve always known I liked boys from the age of 10 or 12. I’ve done some things kids tend to do when they are little with there brothers but noting to where it would rise any Suspicion, unless I come out. I’ve always had this attraction towards attractive guys through out middle school and into all 4 years in HS. I never once made an Indication that I was gay to anyone. Not family, friends or strangers. Several years in college and still am, I’ve noticed that I’m not in a rush to come out. I don’t have that support nest that others may have if something should happen. Their is only one person on this planet that consciously I’ve told who I really am. But not face to face. Through emails. I’m proud I made this very small step in what will one day be a larger one in sometime. I’m sad that I have to pretend to pactically everyone that I’m not who they think I am. I wish I could just be free of this weight off my shoulders. This is a story that I will continue to tell and one day wright s novel of my life for all to read. Take care. Love you all. :)