Sometimes love can be found in the last place you look.

I am a female in college. In my life I questioned if I liked girls a few times, but Cosmo convinced me that I just wanted to be the woman, not be with the woman. So I threw the thought away and never looked back. Until this year. I dreamed of becoming best friends with a boy and falling in love, but never had any luck with guys. One night I was cuddling with my best friend as we watched a movie. A girl I met in college, we had been each others’ best friend for a year. We’re both very religious and very straight (or so we thought..). As I’m sure you’ve already deduced, the cuddling that night had so much tension and…chemistry. I left feeling confused and when she brought it up I denied that it meant anything. This went on for a while, each of us going back and forth with it, not wanting to ruin our perfect friendship and not knowing if homosexuality was our thing. Over Christmas break I decided to take the time away from her to make up my mind once and for all. And I decided it was ridiculous. But then I came back to school, and I saw her again. And we both just knew that it wasn’t over. We started dating after about a month of figuring out how we wanted to go about our feelings. Now it has been four months, and we’ve never been happier. And I got my cheesy love story I always dreamed of, but in a way I never imagined. :)

On a sadder note, although I really don’t care what other people think about my sexuality (if they aren’t cool with it, I wouldn’t want to know them anyway), it is a different story with family. My father, as cool and fun as he is, is really close minded about two things: politics and, you guessed it, homosexuality. He hates ‘gays’ and told me to never bring them to his house. How am I supposed to ever tell him about this amazing part of my life?

Coming out to my dad

Hey guys I’m 14 and I wanted to share this story with you. So last night I came out to my dad. I wasn’t nervous as I knew he would be understanding. Since I was at dance I couldn’t speak to him face to face. So I sent him a text saying “I’m bisexual” and he replied with “as long as your doing the best in life as you can, who you’re with doesn’t matter. I love you forever and always.” I was in tears when I saw this and I’m happy he knows because I wouldn’t have wanted to keep a secret from him.

I posted before about about me coming out to my friends. I recently came out to my grandmother. It took me some time. But its been on my mind and i felt i needed to do this for myself. I thought about writing a letter but noting sounded right. I thought about just blurtin it out and it just couldnt do that either. then i decided to send a text message. i laid in bed thinkin n think and ended up chickening out. but finally i texted her this morning. i siad grandma what would u say if i told u im a lesbian. she said lol ur my granddaughter and i love u no matter wat u r. so i replied ok i love :D

feels so good to know. such a relieve


when i was still just a young teenager, 13, i used to come this tumblr page, and i read every single post on here. all because i was looking for inspiration. and you all helped me so much, it was like being part of a community of people who were all seeking love, acceptation, and support. this year i told my family, so to me i am officially out to everyone, i dont care about telling anyone that i am gay, my name is Kieran Reece Boardman amd i am gay, i am 17, and i have come back here again to say thank you so very very much for your support.

In Progress

This is gonna be long, so bare with me

I guess my story starts in 5th grade, although I didn’t know I was gay at the time. There was this guy in my group of friends that I had a dream about. Not a completely appropriate dream might I add. But I had that dream, and after that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I got this weird feeling every time I was around him, and I didn’t realize it then, but I guess i had a sort of crush on him. But like I said, I didn’t realize this so I didn’t think anything of it and I moved on. I don’t really count him as my first guy crush. 

Middle school came around, and this is when puberty is hitting and you develop sexual attraction. I was attracted girls, but only emotionally. I never had any sexual attraction to a girl, but I viewed it as me controlling myself and not being a douchebag that only wants sex. So I thought I was just one of those nice guys that girls talked about and wished they had, and I always wanted to be that. I wanted to find a girl and treat her like a queen, marry her and have kids and just live a happy life. But that wasn’t the case. I realized I was sexually attracted to guys but I still didn’t think I was gay. Just thought it was a phase. At this time I still had a high pitched voice and people used to make fun of me and call me gay all the time and I’d deny it cause I honestly didn’t think I was. Then 8th grade came around.

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When I came out as bi, I first came out to my best friend, Julia, because i was most nervous about telling her (Idk why, she is the most understanding person in the world). I was really stressed out when I told her, but after she gave me a hug and said she’d accept me for whoever I was, I felt safer because I had at least 1 person on my team. 

Anyway, I was in a mall with Julia and my other close friend Sarah, and we were looking around in some clothing store when Julia asked me, “Have you told Sarah yet?” I thought about it, and whispered back, “No. Maybe I should do that.” 

This time I was determined to just say it, instead of getting worked up about the reaction. I turned to Sarah (in the middle of the store) and said loudly: “HEY SARAH!”


"I’M BI."

She had the most bizarre reaction. She threw her hands in the air and yelled “AWW YEAH!!” She gave me two high fives and then said “Whenever someone comes out to me I feel like my faith in the world is restored a little bit.” 

People were giving us strange looks in the store so we bolted out of there, and I still laugh just thinking about this.

I’m Lena. I make YouTube videos and talked about my coming out story recently. Visit my YouTube channel to see my girlfriend’s coming out story, too!

Since I was about 9, I think I’ve known that I’m bisexual. I always knew I liked boys and that I was supposed to, but I will always remember the first day I started noticing girls. I was folding laundry for my mom while watching tv when this gorgeous girl came on. I don’t remember who it was or what show, but I remember being completely memorized by her and confused because I had only felt that way about boys. I spent the rest of that day looking around at all girls and seeing if it happened again, which it did. For a while I thought that maybe I was secretly a boy and that god must have made a mistake, but my feelings for boys never went away. After that day, I always noticed these kinds of things, but pushed them away because I knew that girls were not supposed to like girls. After that I never really brought it up to myself until my boyfriend freshmen year came out to me as bisexual. It scared me because he was so sure of himself and his sexuality. I talked to my mom about it and she was extremely negative about it, coaxing me to break up with him because bisexual people cannot be faithful and I can never trust if any of his friends are just friends. This pushed me even further into the closet and I broke up with him. 2 weeks now after my 18th birthday, I finally came out to myself as a bisexual. Through all the years I had convinced myself that I was straight and that it was just a phase, but once I told myself the truth, I felt an overwhelming relief. Coincidentally, outside of myself, the person I first came out to was the same boy I broke up with because he came out to me. Thankfully, he was a lot more supportive to me than I was to him. Now, I plan to come out to my family before I leave for college and hope that they’ll accept me.

I came out last night

Me: There’s something I need to tell you. 

Boyfriend: Okay. 

Me: It’s been on my mind for a very long time, and well….

Me: …you know how I use the identifier queer? It’s because I feel queer when it comes to both my sexuality and my gender. 

Boyfriend: So you’re genderqueer? 

Me: Yeah. 

Boyfriend: I still love you and this changes nothing between us. 

For once in my life, everything in my head was perfect. I’m so happy I finally got this burden off my chest. I’ve known for about two years now, and while I’ve been open about my sexuality, I’ve been hiding my gender confusion for a very long time. I feel this gives me the freedom to finally express my gender however I please, and not be stuck as a stereotypical femme. 

So I’ve figured out in the past year or so that I like girls, and I’m not sure if I like guys or not. But I’ve been coming out as bisexual to my friends, explaining just that to them, and people are very accepting of me! This one girl, though, I thought was my friend. So I told her, and then she told everyone that I was bi, even people that don’t know me. I mean, I didn’t mind because I’m proud of who I am but I just thought that was an odd thing to do. Well, apparently, one of my friends told me that she these girls were talking about how much of a “weird, disgusting lesbian” I am. And my friend stuck up for me, and then texted me about it on the bus while we were hanging out with people on the bus. I started laughing at how ridiculous the story was, and she asked me, “well are you?” and I said, out loud, “yeah, I’m actually bi.” and this one guy said, “THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME” and this other guy was like “yeah, that’s cool good for you” and we were all laughing hysterically and everyone was being so accepting! It made me really happy, so I decided to come out to my mom when I got home, telling her the story. At first, she said, “you’re to young to know. and you better not be doing this to get attention.” I explained to her that i was sure that I like girls, but I wasn’t sure if I was bi or lesbian or pan, and explained that the reason so many people are coming out earlier is because they’re less ashamed of being who they are. She thought I was trying to be “trendy” but then I explained to her the reality. Then she said, “well, at least you won’t ever get knocked up at some party!” I was a little offended by that, that she thought I would ever do that, but I still laughed and said, “well, yeah, thank god I don’t think I’ll ever get pregnant! I wouldn’t want to go through THAT!” I’m still not sure if I am bi, or lesbian, or pan, but I know that I’ve been crushing on girls for the past couple of years, and that I have such a big crush on this girl that I can’t deny it to myself or anyone else anymore. I am only 15, so maybe I need to just wait and find out if I like dudes before I label myself. So I am sort of just safe under the title of “bisexual” even though I have a feeling I am lesbian. But I just want to thank people like you, on this blog, who support LGBT people. You guys rock, I love these posts too! <3

Hello lovely people of the internet, we are AllRainbowSquad, an awesome new LGBT collab channel. There are videos Monday to Friday. We aim to entertain and hopefully give some good advice.

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Hello lovely people of the internet, we are AllRainbowSquad, an awesome new LGBT collab channel. There are videos Monday to Friday. We aim to entertain and hopefully give some good advice.

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I’ve been watching and reading “Coming out stories” on YouTube and here.

As I said I’m gay and in the closet. Those stories make me feel somethings strange. I feel happy because they could do something I couldn’t do yet. But, I also feel sad because I wanna do the same and feel free but there’s something in me which is stopping me.

It is so strange for me…. 

How can I know when is the monent? how can I know who is the first person I should say it? Who can give me an advice?

I think I shoud have a mate before saying nothing because he would suport me in that monent… I don’t know, I-m confuse, so confuse. Moreover, I don’t have gay friends so I can’t talk to anyone…

Ok, I said all I had to say about it today.Thank you for reading ;)

This is my tublr>

Leaving Narnia

I was an average girl growing up. I had boyfriends and drooled over hot guys with my friends. But my whole life I’ve always felt like something wasn’t quite right. I just pushed it to the back of my mind and carried on. However, when I was 12, the unimaginable happened: I developed a crush. On a girl.

My family is really old-fashioned and homophobic, so I kept my newly discovered bisexuality a secret. Let’s face it: I was so far in the closet that I could see Narnia. I was terrified that my friends and family would practically disown me for the way I felt. It wasn’t until I had just turned 14 that I finally told my mom. She is the most accepting person in my family, so naturally I thought that it would be the right move. To say the least, she didn’t react the way I expected. No yelling, cursing, or fire-breathing. She just smiled and shook her head. I was relieved at first, until she muttered the dreadful words: “Don’t be ridiculous, Breanne. It’s just a phase”. Although I was certain of my sexuality, I was really hoping she was right. I was going to be starting high school, and I was terrified of being rejected or worse…bullied. 

Fortunately, she wasn’t. I’m now 15, almost a sophomore in high school, and a proud bisexual. I no longer think there’s anything to be afraid of, and I’m happy just being me. I talked to my mom a month ago or so and she’s finally starting to accept the fact that it’s not “just a phase”. I won’t grow out of it. I’m now thrilled to say that I’m slowly but surely starting to come out to my friends as well.

So, if you’re going through a tough time coming out and need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. I don’t judge and I would love to offer as much advice/help as I can. 

Stay strong<3

   For a while, I have been dying to finally tell someone that I think I’m asexual, but most of my close friends are, well, extremely sexual, which led me to think that they just wouldn’t understand. The other night, I was with friends, when the topic of sex came up. After listening awkwardly as they discussed this in vivid detail, I realized I really don’t get it. It wasn’t as much of a realization as a confirmation, but I felt so much better after knowing that it wasn’t just in my head. 

   I could’ve just came out right then; I knew I would’ve been accepted. I mean, if we were all fine hearing our gay friend talk about his unusually large amount of sexual encounters, then they should certainly be fine that I feel no desire to have copious amounts if sex with anyone, right? Regardless, I folded under pressure and spent the rest of the night feeling awkward and disappointed.

   I was still with my best friend the next day, and for most of that time, I was trying to muster up the courage to tell her. She noticed I was being quiet, and made me tell her what was on my mind. It took a good seven minutes of awkward tension and her half-hearted threats for me to finally say it, but when I did, she immediately accepted it and laughed at me for making such a big deal out of it. God, I love her (platonically, of course).

Still In The Progress

I am 16-year-old male and I’ve been concidering myself as gay, like, my whole life. I was never actually sure about it until 2 years ago I got a girlfriend through an Internet. She lives 6 hours away from me. We liked same things and were alike and I liked her and she likeS me so we started dating.

During the affair I started questioning my own sexuality. Being with her (we met like once a month) didn’t help finding myself ‘cause I felt myself straight every time I was with her. I remember alway at night when we were apart I texted her sad messages about how I had a secret I didn’t want to tell and how I cried about it. I was so sad at that time and very depressed and I even concidered suicide. I was so close with her and I didn’t want to break it all.

While we had dated a year, we were chatting in the Internet, I told her how I can’t be her object of love anymore. She asked why, but I just said that I’m not ready to tell yet because it hurted so bad already. Then she said that she was feeling worse than me which was probably true. Then she went offline and we didn’t talk in two weeks. I know, I was bastard when I left her that way.

While I didn’t talk to my ex, I came out to my big brothers girlfriend who I am friends with and she was very supportive and said that I needed to tell this to my ex. And so I did. It wasn’t easy but it sure was worth it. She was so happy for me and asked why I didn’t say it in the first place. Now we are best friends and hide nothing from each other. She’s just a little bit attached to me still but it gets over

Now I’m open to all my friends but not to family. I’m scared of their reaction, especially dad’s because he is super duper homophobic. Maybe when I am able to support myself 100% I am able to tell them.