Here’s some advice on what to do if your parents don’t take it too well when you come out <3

When I came out as bi, I first came out to my best friend, Julia, because i was most nervous about telling her (Idk why, she is the most understanding person in the world). I was really stressed out when I told her, but after she gave me a hug and said she’d accept me for whoever I was, I felt safer because I had at least 1 person on my team. 

Anyway, I was in a mall with Julia and my other close friend Sarah, and we were looking around in some clothing store when Julia asked me, “Have you told Sarah yet?” I thought about it, and whispered back, “No. Maybe I should do that.” 

This time I was determined to just say it, instead of getting worked up about the reaction. I turned to Sarah (in the middle of the store) and said loudly: “HEY SARAH!”


"I’M BI."

She had the most bizarre reaction. She threw her hands in the air and yelled “AWW YEAH!!” She gave me two high fives and then said “Whenever someone comes out to me I feel like my faith in the world is restored a little bit.” 

People were giving us strange looks in the store so we bolted out of there, and I still laugh just thinking about this.

So I’ve figured out in the past year or so that I like girls, and I’m not sure if I like guys or not. But I’ve been coming out as bisexual to my friends, explaining just that to them, and people are very accepting of me! This one girl, though, I thought was my friend. So I told her, and then she told everyone that I was bi, even people that don’t know me. I mean, I didn’t mind because I’m proud of who I am but I just thought that was an odd thing to do. Well, apparently, one of my friends told me that she these girls were talking about how much of a “weird, disgusting lesbian” I am. And my friend stuck up for me, and then texted me about it on the bus while we were hanging out with people on the bus. I started laughing at how ridiculous the story was, and she asked me, “well are you?” and I said, out loud, “yeah, I’m actually bi.” and this one guy said, “THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME” and this other guy was like “yeah, that’s cool good for you” and we were all laughing hysterically and everyone was being so accepting! It made me really happy, so I decided to come out to my mom when I got home, telling her the story. At first, she said, “you’re to young to know. and you better not be doing this to get attention.” I explained to her that i was sure that I like girls, but I wasn’t sure if I was bi or lesbian or pan, and explained that the reason so many people are coming out earlier is because they’re less ashamed of being who they are. She thought I was trying to be “trendy” but then I explained to her the reality. Then she said, “well, at least you won’t ever get knocked up at some party!” I was a little offended by that, that she thought I would ever do that, but I still laughed and said, “well, yeah, thank god I don’t think I’ll ever get pregnant! I wouldn’t want to go through THAT!” I’m still not sure if I am bi, or lesbian, or pan, but I know that I’ve been crushing on girls for the past couple of years, and that I have such a big crush on this girl that I can’t deny it to myself or anyone else anymore. I am only 15, so maybe I need to just wait and find out if I like dudes before I label myself. So I am sort of just safe under the title of “bisexual” even though I have a feeling I am lesbian. But I just want to thank people like you, on this blog, who support LGBT people. You guys rock, I love these posts too! <3

Obviously I’m less interesting than Dumbledore

So I’m bi, and last week I came out to the second person ever (other than the internet, hello internet). Apparently she was trying to stall for time or something while she was figuring out how to react, because we then proceeded to have this conversation.

B: Are you going to tell [our mutual friend] M?

Me: Not yet, she’s really homophobic. I’ll tell her when I come out to my family.

[some backstory here: I’m going to come out to my family when I’m financially independent, hopefully in about a year, because there’s no way I won’t be kicked out. Until then, I’m only coming out to a select few people who I’m sure won’t tell them.]

B: How do you know she’s homophobic?

Me: I don’t know, there are a bunch of reasons. Like, when I dressed up as Dumbledore that one time and then we had a conversation about him, and she was really homophobic about it. Other things too, I guess.

B: What does Dumbledore have to do with anything?

Me: He’s gay. You never heard?

B: No. How do you know?

So the rest of my coming out speech was basically us discussing Dumbledore’s sexuality, instead of mine.

(She was OK with it in the end, I think. We used to have this running joke about the two of us being in a relationship, which she hasn’t brought up since, so yes, things are still a little awkward. She hasn’t acted particularly weird around me other than that, though, and she was vocally accepting.)

"Oh thats it?" *talks further about some random stuff*

(Im a bi girl btw)

Today I came out to a friend of mine. I was reeeeeally nervous. I extra told her that I want to come to her house to talk with her about something…

Once I was there we went to her room and I was hum and har for about five minutes… She was guessing some random stuff “Does it has to do with you’re mother” “Are you moving?” ect. Finally I just said:

"mhh, I think I like girls-"
She:”Oh, you like girls more than boys?”
 Me “No, I like them both…”
She:  “oh, thats it? YOu’re bi?”
 Me: “uhmm, yes..”
 She:”So what? I know a few gay ppl” *talks about some random stuff*

Well, I guess I was a totally drama queen about it… I was soooo fucking nervous!! But for she it was like I had told her I have ate panckaes for lunch yesterday. Yeah, so what??-attitude

I’m really happy!

Hello lovely people of the internet, we are AllRainbowSquad, an awesome new LGBT collab channel. There are videos Monday to Friday. We aim to entertain and hopefully give some good advice.

Tumblr | YouTube

Hello lovely people of the internet, we are AllRainbowSquad, an awesome new LGBT collab channel. There are videos Monday to Friday. We aim to entertain and hopefully give some good advice.

Tumblr | YouTube

I’m twenty-one and I came out to my dad two hours ago.  I’ve been working up to it since I was twelve; ever since I figured out I liked boys.  He sort of facepalmed for a second, then he slid off the couch, knelt down, pressed his face to the floor and started sobbing.  He kept saying things like “You’re too young” and “You’ll suffer” and “Please don’t stop studying”.  I sort of hugged him and told him it was okay and that it wasn’t that bad and he insisted that he didn’t think it was bad, he just hoped that I wasn’t gay.  Which sort of means he does think it’s bad.  And then we maybe had a little bit of a disagreement over the fact that he wanted me to “Please wait until I’m gone” and the fact that I’m not willing to put my personal life on hold and repress myself because it makes him uncomfortable.

Sheesh.  When my mum gets back from this work dinner she’s attending, he’ll probably tell her.  Let’s hope she takes it better than he does.  She probably will, she’s an Elton John fan.

Leaving Narnia

I was an average girl growing up. I had boyfriends and drooled over hot guys with my friends. But my whole life I’ve always felt like something wasn’t quite right. I just pushed it to the back of my mind and carried on. However, when I was 12, the unimaginable happened: I developed a crush. On a girl.

My family is really old-fashioned and homophobic, so I kept my newly discovered bisexuality a secret. Let’s face it: I was so far in the closet that I could see Narnia. I was terrified that my friends and family would practically disown me for the way I felt. It wasn’t until I had just turned 14 that I finally told my mom. She is the most accepting person in my family, so naturally I thought that it would be the right move. To say the least, she didn’t react the way I expected. No yelling, cursing, or fire-breathing. She just smiled and shook her head. I was relieved at first, until she muttered the dreadful words: “Don’t be ridiculous, Breanne. It’s just a phase”. Although I was certain of my sexuality, I was really hoping she was right. I was going to be starting high school, and I was terrified of being rejected or worse…bullied. 

Fortunately, she wasn’t. I’m now 15, almost a sophomore in high school, and a proud bisexual. I no longer think there’s anything to be afraid of, and I’m happy just being me. I talked to my mom a month ago or so and she’s finally starting to accept the fact that it’s not “just a phase”. I won’t grow out of it. I’m now thrilled to say that I’m slowly but surely starting to come out to my friends as well.

So, if you’re going through a tough time coming out and need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. I don’t judge and I would love to offer as much advice/help as I can. 

Stay strong<3

   For a while, I have been dying to finally tell someone that I think I’m asexual, but most of my close friends are, well, extremely sexual, which led me to think that they just wouldn’t understand. The other night, I was with friends, when the topic of sex came up. After listening awkwardly as they discussed this in vivid detail, I realized I really don’t get it. It wasn’t as much of a realization as a confirmation, but I felt so much better after knowing that it wasn’t just in my head. 

   I could’ve just came out right then; I knew I would’ve been accepted. I mean, if we were all fine hearing our gay friend talk about his unusually large amount of sexual encounters, then they should certainly be fine that I feel no desire to have copious amounts if sex with anyone, right? Regardless, I folded under pressure and spent the rest of the night feeling awkward and disappointed.

   I was still with my best friend the next day, and for most of that time, I was trying to muster up the courage to tell her. She noticed I was being quiet, and made me tell her what was on my mind. It took a good seven minutes of awkward tension and her half-hearted threats for me to finally say it, but when I did, she immediately accepted it and laughed at me for making such a big deal out of it. God, I love her (platonically, of course).


My coming out story is pretty straight forward, so les-be-honest.

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100% Awkward

I’m a cisgender, lesbian female and my coming out was both hilarious and awkward and awful. A bunch of stuff, really.

Last year, I was trying to convince myself that I was heterosexual. I dated this guy (let’s call him Bob) for a while and even though we had a great time together, I had no romantic feelings for Bob. We never quite reached the bedroom but overall, we had a pretty good relationship. Or, we would have done, if I wasn’t a lesbian.

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Demolishing the closet one brick at a time

Hi, my name is Callum I’m 17 and gay. 

My coming out story isn’t finished yet, far from it. And neither is it particularly special or unique. (in fact if you want to go watch family guy instead, you can; I wont judge you!)

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Frustration and Relief

Hey all! My name is Heather Nicole Tshudy, Niki to most, I’m 18 and happily homosexual ^w^! I can’t look back and see a time I truly liked a guy so I guess I’ve been a lesbian since the beginning. When I was younger I did ‘date’ guys (if you could call me walking around checking out girls while whoever I was with was trying to keep my attention that) but it was all purely to fit in, and they all ended with me losing all interest and just getting very distant. And on top of that 2 of the guys I ‘dated’ turned out gay themselves (Irony am I right lol).

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Coming Out On Facebook WITH MEMES

Coming Out on Facebook

I was driving my relatives to Walmart to buy a Magic Bullet

  • Me: *driving* I have to tell you guys something. And it’s something very serious.
  • Cousin L: What’s going on?
  • Cousin W: Okay…
  • Cousin K: *quiet* (She already knew)
  • Me: I’m gay. I like girls. No, it’s not a phase. I’ve known for years but never accepted it til now.
  • Cousin W: WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS. YOU’RE NOT LYING. WHAT. *begins shaking the back of my seat and slapping my arm*
  • Me: Ow, ow, yes I’m serious.
  • Cousin L: …. I don’t know what to say. Why haven’t you told us sooner?
  • Me: Because I was scared. This family is so tradition, racist, and homophobic.
  • Cousin W: I have a best friend who is gay. I’m very accepting.
  • Cousin L: I’m not homophobic.
  • Me: I’m glad…
  • Cousin W: Why aren’t you saying something, Cousin K?
  • Cousin K: I already knew…
  • Cousin L: Why did you decide to tell us now?
  • Me: I am tired of watching how I speak, being in the closet, and hiding who I am. It’s tiring and I’m trapped. I want to be free.
  • Cousin L: If you tell the family, you know what will happen. They will disown you and toss you out as if you were never born. Are you ready for that?
  • Me: I don’t know..
  • Cousin L: I would wait until you can support yourself 100% and are with someone serious.
  • Me: I think that’s what I’ll do.
  • [The end]